Resolution 81:05: Tribute to Reformation 500

Five hundred years ago the Protestant Reformation brought untold benefits that are still felt today. As opposed to the centralized, monolithic Church of Rome under the authority of one man, the Protestant Reformation began the decentralization of the western church. Escape from a remote ecclesiastical hierarchy that was detached and self-perpetuating led to the ultimate establishment of reformation churches through … [more]

Resolution 81:01 – Resolution of Thanks

The 81st General Synod of the Bible Presbyterian Church, meeting in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, from August 3-7, 2017, desires to express its heartiest appreciation for the splendid hospitality extended to it by the congregation of our host church, the Edmonton Bible Presbyterian Church, and to the church ladies, who provided a tasty breakfast each morning. The Christian fellowship has been … [more]

Resolution 81:02 – Intolerance of Christians

Whereas, recently, an individual nominated for deputy director of the Office of Management and Budget, by the president was taken to task during his confirmation hearings, by two US Senators, one of them a former presidential candidate; and Whereas, this nominee was declared to be unfit by one of the Senators, because, as a professing Christian, who believes the only … [more]

Resolution 81:01 – Christian Colorado Case and the United States Supreme Court

Whereas, the United States Supreme Court recently ruled that it will hear the appeal of the case involving the Christian Colorado baker, Jack Phillips, who, because of his religious convictions, would not make a wedding cake for two gay men who were planning on getting “married;” and, Whereas, one of the homosexual men said, “Businesses should not be allowed to … [more]