1. Original jurisdiction over communicants, ruling elders and deacons belongs to the session of the church of which the individual is a member. Original jurisdiction over a minister belongs to the presbytery of which he is a member.
  2. If a church member has been dismissed to another particular church, or a minister to another presbytery, he shall be considered subject to the jurisdiction of the body which dismissed him until the time when he is actually received by the body to which he has been dismissed.
  3. All certificates of dismission shall specify the particular body to which the person is dismissed, and shall be sent directly to that body by the dismissing body. The receiving body shall notify the dismissing body of the fact of reception when accomplished.
  4. Book of Discipline of the Bible Presbyterian Church, General Synod ©1998 Amended by the 55th, 56th, and 58th General Synods of the Bible Presbyterian Church.