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Ways to get involved with the Bible Presbyterian Church

How can you become part of the BPC?

The most simple way is to view our list of churches to see if there is a local church near you. We want to invite you to worship with one of our local congregation’s services throughout the week. You’re welcome to call any of the pastors listed on the church locator page to find out more information about their congregation. Click here to find a local BP Church

How can your church become part of the BPC?
The process of becoming part of the Bible Presbyterian Church begins with getting to know one another. You can start by calling Rev. John Dyck, the Stated Clerk of the BPC, who can provide you with regional presbytery contacts to begin that process. Rev. Dyck can be reached by email or by phone (780) 479-0746. In general terms, it consists of your congregation voting to affiliate and the BPC presbytery in your area voting to accept you and your pastor(s). If you are currently affiliated with another denomination, you will have to consult with officials there about the process for being released.

How can you help start a BPC church in your area?
You can begin by calling Dr. Len Pine, the Field Director of Presbyterian Missionary Union, an agency of the BP denomination that assists in starting churches in the US and around the world. He can be reached via email or by phone at 208-267-9608. Dr. Pine will also help you work closely with the regional presbytery to start the process of starting a church within their bounds. You may also work with PMU in a shepherding and supporting role to the work of the Presbytery in starting a new church.