RESOLUTION 74:01 Thanks to Grace Bible Presbyterian Church

Be it resolved that we, the members of the 74th General Synod of the Bible Presbyterian Church, meeting at Grace Bible Presbyterian Church in Sharonville, Ohio, August 5-10, 2010, do extend our heart-filled thanks to Rev. Miessler, the Church Session, as well as the entire congregation of Grace BPC, for their warm Christian hospitality. The delicious meals, the well-prepared facility, … [more]

RESOLUTION 74:02 Don’t Expand “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” in the Military

There are homosexuals in America’s military services. Currently, homosexuals in our armed forces are required to be publically discreet about their sexual proclivity and aberrant behavior, and under the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy they are allowed to enlist and remain in service as long as their sexuality remains unnoticeable. Now President Obama intends to throw open the floodgates by … [more]

MEMORIAL RESOLUTION 74:03 Elder Félix Irusta Choque

Félix Irusta was born in November 12, 1922, in Pocoata province Omasuyos , La Paz, Bolivia. By the grace of the Lord he received Jesus Christ as his personal Savior in 1958 in the city of La Paz. In the year 1970 He decided to reside in the town of Caranavi Nor Yungas, for reasons of his personal health and … [more]

RESOLUTION 74:04 The Exclusive Claims of Christ vs. Interfaith Dialogue

United Methodists are upset about something, and it is not social injustice this time. They are upset with Claremont School of Theology, one of their own sponsored seminaries. Claremont School of Theology is pursuing a new “University Project” that is bringing together Jewish Rabbis, Muslim Imams, and Christian theologians to train ministerial students at Claremont. The published purpose is to … [more]

RESOLUTION 74:05 Freedom of Speech

The Christian is mandated by the Lord Jesus to preach the Gospel to every creature in every place at all times. Our forefathers stated that part of their purpose in coming to this continent was the propagation of that Gospel. To ensure this liberty, while protecting the rights of others, they included in the very fabric of our founding documents … [more]

RESOLUTION 74:06 Homosexuality and the PCUSA

For the fifth time in fifteen years the Presbyterian Church (USA) has voted in its 2010 General Assembly, among other detestable things, to remove the words “fidelity” (within the covenant of marriage of one man and one woman) and “chastity” (in singleness) from the Book of Order as requirements for ordination of officers. This on-going attempt to normalize homosexuality, which … [more]

MEMORIAL RESOLUTION 74:07 Rev. Dr. William R. Kane

Pastor William R. Kane served as a faithful servant of our Lord Jesus Christ for over 47 years. He was ordained in 1961 in the Bible Presbyterian Church. A deeply humble and knowledgeable man, he taught Biblical studies and other classes at many colleges and universities including Highland College, Clearwater College, Cohen Seminary, Pepperdine College and Los Angeles State University. … [more]