The 81st General Synod of the Bible Presbyterian Church, meeting in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, from August 3-7, 2017, desires to express its heartiest appreciation for the splendid hospitality extended to it by the congregation of our host church, the Edmonton Bible Presbyterian Church, and to the church ladies, who provided a tasty breakfast each morning. The Christian fellowship has been refreshing, the on-sight meals — nutritious, and the well-prepared messages — stimulating.

In remembering those who have borne the responsibility for the success of this 81st General Synod, we mention the host Pastor John Dyck, the Stated Clerk Pastor Steve Brinegar, and the previous Moderator Pastor G. W. Fisher who developed the appropriate theme on this 500th Anniversary of the Reformation: “The Exclusive Excellence of Jesus Christ.”

We desire above all things to return thanks to the Great Head of the Church for the reminder of His abiding presence and of His Spirit which has kept us in the unity of the Faith and in the bond of Peace, as we go forward, united, to the work of our great Church and for the Excellence of our Savior Jesus Christ. Even so, come, Lord Jesus.

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