Whereas, American citizen Pastor Andrew Brunson has been imprisoned in Turkey for more than nineteen months on questionable charges of “engaging in espionage and using his church as a cover for the Kurdish military group, the PKK” (World magazine, June 9, 2018); and

Whereas, Pastor Brunson is one of 35,000 people currently awaiting trial under the regime of Turkey leader, President Erdogan; and

Whereas, Pastor Brunson has gone through two trials three court hearings thus far–April 16, and May 7, and July 28 of 2018–without any verdict; and

Whereas, Pastor Brunson was moved on July 28 from Kiricklar prison to house arrest at his house in Turkey; and

Whereas, he must have another court hearing on October 12; and

Whereas, the court has relied on secret witnesses and falsified records, such as, producing a stack of Watchtower magazines put out by Jehovah’s Witnesses, “as though they proved Brunson’s hidden activities to undermine the state;” (World magazine, June 9, 2018); and

Whereas, “This is a critical first step that we believe will result in the freedom of Pastor Brunson so he can return to the United States and be reunited with his family,” stated Jay Sekulow, American Center for Law and Justice chief counsel;

Therefore be it resolved that the 82nd General Synod of the Bible Presbyterian Church, meeting in Lakeland, Florida, August 2-6, 2018, goes on record encouraging prayer for Pastor Brunson’s complete release and prayer for his wife Norine; and calls upon President Trump and the Department of State to make further efforts to obtain freedom for Pastor Brunson.

8205- Persecution of a Missionary

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