Whereas, the faithful are commanded to disciple their children, to train them up in Jesus Christ all the time (Deuteronomy 6:4-9; Ephesians 6:4); and

Whereas, the government schools in the United States of America (among many other countries), due to fundamental commitments to ideologies and lifestyles inimical to the faith once for all delivered to the saints (that is, biblical, historical Christianity), have more and more become institutions of indoctrination into these unfaithful ideologies and lifestyles; and

Whereas, the Church of Jesus Christ is commanded not just to avoid but to oppose and expose such godless indoctrination of the country’s youth (Ephesians 5:11). Now, therefore, be it 

Resolved that the 84th General Synod of the Bible Presbyterian Church, meeting in Cape Canaveral, Florida, August 5-9, 2021, opposes the propagandizing and indoctrination of the youth of our country into godless, faithless, and Christless ideologies and lifestyles that would tend to undermine both the mission of the Church and human flourishing. 

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