Charles Robert “Bud” Jones was born on November 25, 1921. While many memorials can be filled with dates, places, and accomplishments, the Synod wants to share the lasting impression of one man that served his Lord with zeal and commitment in a hope that he would inspire each of us to that same dedication and character.

There are three things that clearly shine from Elder Jones’ example of Christian living. The first
was his love of family. Having enjoyed 63 years of marriage to his wife, Marilyn, they had faced many of
life’s trials and enjoyed many of life’s joys. Throughout all those years and journeys, he always demonstrated a kind and noticeable love for Marilyn, oftentimes other couples would comment they would like to be like Bud and Marilyn one day. He demonstrated that same love toward his 4 children, 14 grandchildren and 14 great-grandchildren. The pictures of family and all the stories to accompany them were set around every corner of their home. He was proud of their accomplishments and goals, and he was thrilled with their love of Jesus.

The second thing that is notable about Elder Jones’ life was his humility. He did not want a funeral or memorial that talked about him; he could not have been any clearer that the focus was to be on Jesus Christ. Our Lord did, in many ways, bless Bud’s life, his family being chief among them. He started a successful landscaping business, “Bud Jones and Sons,” whose t-shirts can be seen at almost every Church event. He was a man of great generosity to the needs of the church and the people of God. He was wise in giving biblical counsel to ministers, church leaders, members, and even getting to know the children in the church. He was respected as a business man in the greater Cincinnati community. He personally knew many of the leaders in business and politics that shaped the city the past 60 years. But Elder Jones did not want these accomplishments mentioned at his funeral. “The focus must be on Christ,” he said. Part of that humility and focus on Christ would also be seen during the final months of his time with us on this earth. He never complained during the long months he would suffer before the Lord brought him home. His focus was on living for his Lord and Savior.

The third thing that we take away from our time with Elder Jones is his love for his country. Always keeping the church primary and most beloved, he did find his time in the Navy during World War II an enjoyable topic of conversation. He served valiantly and received the Purple Heart for his injuries sustained in a naval battle. Children of all ages would be fixated as he told stories of the events and details of the war. He always spoke without boasting of himself, but reminded us all how he was protected and held by God during those times. Elder Jones would mark holidays by reminding people of the cost many families made for our freedom.

Elder Bud Jones went home to be with the Lord on August 12, 2012, at the age of 90. He has joined the ranks of the faithful men and women before him in the Church Triumphant, waiting the day of the resurrection. He leaves with us the encouragement to live in a way that puts the work and accomplishments of Jesus Christ ahead of our own. Indeed, he heard the words, “Well done, thou good and faithful servant.”


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