Elder Robert W. Faucette entered the presence of his Savior on Monday, March 6, 2000, after a long illness. For the past forty years he had been a member of the Bethany Bible Presbyterian Church of Glendale, California. He was a founding deacon, later elder, and for the past twenty-seven years the treasurer of that church. His wife, June, continues his work in addition to being the organist and a Sunday School teacher.

Robert Faucette’s roots in the Bible Presbyterian Church stretch back to its first Synod back in 1938. His father, A. F. Faucette, was one of the founders of the denomination, and served as Stated Clerk and later Moderator. Thus, since the age of six, Robert Faucette had been a part of the Bible Presbyterian Church.

At the memorial service, several members of Bethany spoke about Elder Faucette’ s life and example. Qualities that spelled out his last name were highlighted. It was noted that he was Faithful to God and his family; he spoke with Authority (Titus 2:15); he was Unflinching in his duty as a marine, a county sheriff, and an elder; he Charted a steady course for his own life reflecting a covenant upbringing by his parents; he was Enduring in his service to the Lord at Bethany (James 5:11); he paid every bill on time as Treasurer; he never questioned the amount of Time that had to be devoted to church responsibilities; and most importantly he demonstrated Enthusiasm toward the cause of missions, often donating extra sums from his own income to make sure that missionaries were fully funded. Bethany Bible Presbyterian Church rejoices in the Lord’s giving us Robert Faucette’s talents for these past forty years.

Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints.
(Psalm 116:15)

Adopted by the 64th General Synod of the Bible Presbyterian Church,
meeting in Cincinnati, OH August 3-8, 2000.

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