The Bible Presbyterian Church adopted the Westminster Standards in its organizing synod, held September 6-8, 1938. Year after year this reformed church body has reaffirmed its belief in the basic doctrines of historic Christianity.

The Westminster Confession of Faith is perhaps the most notable expression in creedal form of the truths of the Bible. It was the work of that assembly of divines which was called together by Parliament and met in London, at Westminster Abbey, during the years 1643-1648. It was this assembly which also produced the Larger and Shorter Catechisms. The Confession and the Catechisms are used by many churches as their doctrinal standards, subordinate to the Word of God. The text of the Confession as given in here is in the form adopted by the Bible Presbyterian Church in 1938, and, except for a few revisions, which are largely concerned with eschatology, as well as with the relation of the civil magistrate to the church, it agrees with the text of the original manuscript of the Confession.

We believe reformed doctrine is historic Christianity, in its emphasis upon the sovereignty of God and the trustworthiness of the Bible. We are a confessional church.

It was the compromise of these truths in the early decades of this century that led to the formation of the Bible Presbyterian Church. As theological liberalism had moved into Presbyterian seminaries and out into the church, it became fashionable to question the fundamental tenets of Christianity. The inspiration of the Bible, the virgin birth and deity of Christ, His supernatural works and the atonement on the cross and even His resurrection from the dead were called into question. The Presbyterian Church ordained ministers and sent out missionaries who either called these doctrines into question or rejected them outright.

We believe God has raised up this church body to take a faithful stand for the historic Christian faith, and, further, to be a standard bearer to these truths in darkening days of compromise and apostasy.

The Bible Presbyterian Church continues to this day “for the Word of God and for the testimony of Jesus Christ,” Revelation 1:9.