Of The Church

  1. Jesus Christ, who is now exalted far above all principality and power has erected, in this world, a visible body which is his Church.
  2. The catholic visible Church consists of all those throughout the world that profess the true religion, together with their children.
  3. This catholic visible Church has, in God’s providence, become divided into bodies commonly termed denominations or churches. Such bodies whether local, national, or international, which in their creed and practice hold fast to the historic Christian faith, which require for admission into their communion what Christ requires for salvation, and which subordinate their authority to that of the Word of God are true Churches of Christ, despite differences in government or in matters not essential to the faith which may have caused their separation from others.
  4. The Bible Presbyterian Church declares itself to be a branch of the catholic visible Church of Christ and further declares its willingness to hold Christian fellowship with all other such branches of the Church.
  5. It is lawful and agreeable to the Word of God that members of Christ’s body on earth should, as local circumstances require, be divided into particular churches. A particular church consists of a number of professing Christians, with their offspring, voluntarily associated together, for divine worship and godly living, agreeably to Holy Scripture; and submitting to a certain form of government.
  6. It is highly desirable and the teaching of the Word that such particular churches should be associated together with others of like precious faith for mutual fellowship, encouragement, advancement of the cause of Christ, and testimony to his truth.