Of Particular Churches of the BPC

  1. Particular churches of the Bible Presbyterian Church shall be such churches as are defined in the previous chapter which desire to enter the fellowship of this branch of Christ’s body. Entrance into this fellowship is by means of the presbytery.
  2. Particular churches need remain in association with the Bible Presbyterian Church only so long as they themselves desire. The relationship is voluntary, based only upon mutual love and confidence, and is in no sense to be maintained by the exercise of any kind of force or coercion whatsoever. A particular church may withdraw at any time for reasons which seem sufficient to itself.
  3. The ordinances established in the Bible by Christ, the Head, in a particular church, which is regularly constituted with its proper officers, are prayer, singing praises, reading, expounding and preaching the Word of God; administering Baptism and the Lord’s Supper; public solemn thanksgiving, catechizing, making collections for the poor, and other pious purposes; exercising discipline; and blessing the people.